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Courses Offered - B. Ed.- Rules and Regulation



Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) Session: 2022 - 2023



  • Teacher trainees should be in the Institute by 09:25 AM.  All teacher trainee/s go directly to their classroom.

  • Teacher trainee/s arriving after the normal time may not be allowed to enter the campus.

  • Late comers have a relaxation of only 10 minutes. At 09:35 the gate will be closed and no teacher trainee is allowed to enter the campus after that. 

  • Teacher trainees coming late after 09:35 am are treated as absent and a fine of Rs. 50/day is imposed.


  1. The course (B.Ed.) is a full time two years regular teacher training course. Since the course is a skill oriented programme based on theory and lots of practical activities. Therefore, teacher trainees while pursuing B. Ed.  course can not simultaneously pursue any other course, be it Regular full time/ Regular Part Time/Correspondence/any other. At any stage, it is found that any teacher trainee is pursuing/has pursued other courses while undergoing B. Ed.  course, his/her candidature shall stand canceled.

  2. Attendance required in the School Experience Programme (Teaching Experience) is 100%. No teacher trainees shall be promoted If they have missed their SEP or have less than 100% attendance in SEP. 

  3. Regularity of attendance and punctuality are important in the academic progress of the teacher trainee and in his/her character training.

  4. In all cases, the Institute office should be notified by the parent before 10:00 AM if a teacher trainee is to be absent that day.  Teacher trainee absent with/without notifying will be considered truant and a fine of Rs. 100/day is imposed. Paying a fine doesn’t make you eligible to appear in the end term semester examination if attendance falls below 85%. 

  5. A written excuse from the parent of an absent teacher trainee must be presented to the Principal/Lecturer when the teacher trainee returns to Institute as these become part of the attendance file.

  6. No teacher trainee may leave the Institute during the working day unless accompanied by a parent or guardian who must report to the Institute office.  In the case of a teacher trainee's illness while in Institute, the Institute will ring up the telephone number provided at the time of admission.

  7. It is mandatory for the teacher trainees to attend at least 85% of the lectures (including Practicals) delivered in each subject, to satisfy the college authorities regarding their general progress.

  8. A chart of monthly attendance record will be displayed regularly for the information of teacher trainees, so as to make them aware of incompleteness of attendance

  9. Teacher trainees must attend their classes regularly. According to the rules of the G.G.S.I.P. University, Delhi Teacher trainees must have 85% attendance or above in each subject for being eligible to appear in University Examinations. Teacher trainees having attendance below 85% for any reason whatsoever will be debarred/detained from appearing in the University Examination as per G.G.S.I.P. University, Delhi rule and regulation. No appeal in this regard will be entertained.

  10. Teacher trainees who are absent on medical grounds should produce a valid Medical Certificate along with an endorsement letter from the parent/guardian while reporting to institute after convalescence. There is no relaxation given in the total percentage of attendance (i.e. 85%). 

  11. No teacher trainee shall remain absent from the institute for more than 05 working days continuously without permission/intimation to the concerned Principal, failing which the teacher trainee’s name will be struck off by the principal without any intimation to the concerned teacher trainee. Teacher trainees can give request to the concerned Principal within 07 days from the date of striking off his/her name, for readmission with valid reasons and on the recommendation of Admission Advisory Committee and concerned Principal, Controller of Examination/Director  may consider and allow the same for readmission. No request for re-admission after 10 days of striking off the name will be entertained in any case.


  1. Special care is taken to maintain all round discipline in the College. 

  2. Ragging in any form or time is banned on the campus. All teacher trainees are asked to adhere to this rule.

  3. Teacher trainees are not allowed to use mobile phones within academic boundaries/ or to keep cell phones in their bags inside the college. Possession and use of mobile phones in the campus are to be strictly avoided. Use of mobile Phones in the classrooms, seminar halls, and library is strictly prohibited. The mobiles will be confiscated if found in use & will not be returned.

  4. Teacher trainees using the two wheelers are asked to limit the speed up to 20 km/hr and not to have more than one pillion rider.

  5. All teacher trainees are advised to maintain the environment clean and not litter here and there campus and not to pick up mango, jackfruit, cashew etc.

  6. Vehicles should be parked in the parking space only.

  7. Identity card should always be kept by the teacher trainees and produced on demand by the authorities.

  8. Teacher trainees should come to the class room in decent and presentable attire.  Dressing of teacher trainees should be formal. Male teacher trainees should wear shirt and full pants (Neat haircut with beard shaved) and female teacher trainees should wear suit-salwar with  dupatta.

  9. Writing on walls, toilets, roads and pasting of posters on the wall are strictly banned.

  10. Teacher trainees should show respect and politeness towards all staff members at college and their fellow teacher trainees, including girls. Any act of sexual harassment, ragging, disobedience, anti-social behavior or harassment of girl Teacher trainees are punishable offences and will be dealt with utmost severity.

  11. Discipline and decorum should be maintained in College function / Convocation / College Day / Sports Day etc., in which V.V.I.Ps participate.

  12. All notices except any special notices will be displayed on the Notice Board/Telegram group. The teacher trainees should check/read the notice board on a regular basis.

  13. The teacher trainees should attend class-room teaching and not roam in corridors or waste time during working hours or free classes. But, they should go to the library and reading room facilities.

  14. Any unhealthy habits such as Smoking, gutka/paan chewing are strictly prohibited

  15. The change of Address/Phone No. should be notified to the college office immediately.

  16. Teacher trainees are not allowed to shout or make loud noises between the class hours or leisure time while they are in the campus. Teacher trainees are prohibited from standing in person or groups in the corridor. Unnecessarily entering into a conversation with a stranger is to be avoided.

  17. All applications made by the teacher trainees, must mention the name, roll number and class of the Teacher trainee.

  18. Teacher trainees applying for certificates, testimonials, etc. which requires the Principal’s signature on any kind of document or application should first contact the College office. Teacher trainees should not bring any paper directly to the Principal for his/her signature.


  1. Fees once paid are not refunded at any cost. 

  2. All Caution Money is refunded on successful completion of the course. Counter foil of caution money deposit slip must be produced at the time of claiming refund. In case of loss of the counterfoil mentioned above, a duplicate receipt may be obtained on payment of Rs. 200/-. In such cases an application should be made asking for a duplicate receipt for taking refund of caution money.

  3. Caution money refund must be claimed within an academic year after completion of the course. An application for the same must be submitted in writing. Refunds will be made 7 days after receiving the said application.

  4. Administrative fee at the rate of Rs. 500/- per year will be charged for late collection of Degree/Diplomas and certificates after the notified dates teacher trainee called to collect the same.

  5. Teacher trainees have to deposit part payment of Rs. 29,300/- (Part Academic Fee) and Rs. 2000/- (Alumni Fund) and Rs. 4000 (Internal Examination).

  6. Teacher trainees have to deposit Rs. 300/- (Registration Fee Transport Service Non Refundable), Rs. 12,000/- (Transport Fee) at the time of admission in as per the following details:

    1. Rs. 35,300/-{Rs. 29,300/- + Rs. 2,000/- + Rs. 4,000/- = Rs. 35,300} By Cheque/DD in favour of Sri Ram Institute of Teacher Education

    2. Rs. 12,300/- {if opted for Institution Transport} to be paid to Service Vendor.  

* All payments are to be made at the Institution’s cash counter against a fee receipt only.

* Transport Fee Receipt will be generated by Service Vendor (Rental).

** Rs. 1000/- is to be paid for NSS activities later after the finalisation of admissions.


  1. All Teacher trainees should abide by the dress code prescribed by the institution. Girls are not allowed to leave their hair loose and are expected to retrain from wearing short kurtis. Wearing jeans pants, T- shirts and sleeveless tops is strictly prohibited.

  2. Wearing a uniform is a sign of identification with the Institute community of Sri Ram Institute of Teacher Education.  By wearing a uniform, Teacher trainees show pride in their Institute and exhibit respect for their person by dressing in a dignified manner. Teacher trainees should arrive at Institute and leave Institute in full uniform.

  3. Jewellery is not permitted, except that girls may wear one pair of post earrings, no hoops or dangles.

  4. Positively NO Make-Up or Nail-Polish etc. is permitted during Institute hours.

  5. Heels on shoes are not to be more than one inch in height.


The following is the standard Sri Ram Institute of Teacher Education Uniform Institute has accepted:

In Summer:

Girls Boys

Suit : Magenta

Salwar : Black

Dupatta : Black

Shirt : Magenta

Trousers : Black

Shoes : Black

In Winter:

Girls Boys

Suit : Magenta

Salwar : Black

Dupatta : Black


Shirt : Magenta

Trousers : Black

Shoes : Black



  1. The Management reserves the right to expel any Teacher trainee on grounds irregularity of attendance, insubordination, malpractice in examinations or any other act of indiscipline or misconduct. The decision of the college authorities in this regard shall be final.

  2. Stringent disciplinary actions will be taken against Teacher trainees not appearing in Examinations conducted by the Institute. 

  3. Matters not covered by the existing rules will rest at the absolute discretion of the Principal/Management.

  4. All instructions issued by the Principal shall have to be obeyed by Teacher trainees. The Teacher trainees will be accountable for their behaviour in the college premises. Proper actions will be taken against the Teacher trainees violating the rules and regulations of the college or behaving in absurd manner and will be rusticated from the college. It is assumed that the Teacher trainees and their parents and/or guardians have read and understood these rules and college prospectus thoroughly.